Bo Bo Garden Asian Cuisine

There are a multitude of Asian restaurants to choose from, so there must be something special for one restaurant to stand out. Tucked into a humble corner of a strip mall on Buford Highway, you can find some of the most mouthwatering Asian cuisine in all of Atlanta. Bo Bo Garden has by far some of my most favorite Chinese dishes. Enter the house special beef. Easily the most tender delicious beef you have ever eaten.




House Special Beef


You simply must try the salt and pepper squid as well. I recommend dipping with soy and chili oil for a salty spicy crunchy delight. The list goes on. Their Crispy Chicken as well as the Walnut Shrimp are divine.


Bo Bo Garden

Walnut Shrimp


Sokongdong Tofu House

As a newcomer to Korean food, I am always open to trying a variety of new choices, to make sure I am not missing out on anything. This practice led me to discover the seafood pancake at So Kong Dong and I am forever thankful.  It is one of those dishes that I didn’t even know existed, so I couldn’t even crave it.  Now, however, I am always craving this dish even when I am not even hungry!

With a variety including bibimbap, short ribs, and bulgogi, Sokongdong Tofu House may need to be the first place you go to try Korean cuisine. All of these selections, including the seafood pancake, where absolutely delicious.

Golden House

Golden House

Chinese food remains one of the top tier cuisines in the world and one of the most famous dishes is roast duck. Crispy skin and fatty juicy meat is quite the dining experience especially when it is prepared well. The Golden House does do duck very well indeed. We tried the duck two ways, where they slice the breast meat for you and use the rest in a duck salad of sorts.

Golden House

Family Style Dinner


The presentation is a real spectacle as well as they bring it out to your table and slice it right before your eyes. Not a lot of places serve duck in Atlanta with quite so much flare.  You can also enjoy the squid and walnut shrimp, dim sum and many other Cantonese dishes that you may not find elsewhere.

Golden House

Sliced Peking Duck

Pho Bac

Pho Bac

It seems like these days everyone is talking about Pho. Well let’s talk about some Pho then. I was introduced to Pho when a dear Vietnamese friend took me to what they declared to be undoubtedly the best place in town for pho- Pho Bac.  I went along not knowing what I would really discover or even whether or not I would really like it.  Often times described in a way that sounded like both a hang over cure and a medicinal remedy for anything and everything. Naturally I took a grain of salt with me and we went inside to dine on the mythical dish.

Pho Bac



What I found was a complex broth with noodles and meat. Not a bad start. With a handful of the Vietnamese herbs that is included, the flavors really are delicious. I am a big fan of the broth, and may go a little light on the noodles (requested when they take my order), and a heavy hand on the herbs, for my custom crafted bowl.

Pho Bac

Beef Pho

You can even, and are supposed to, add a little hoisin and sriracha, for heat, sweet and spice.  By this time, the beef and the broth, and noodles are all warm and deliciously complex. I have even been known to go “cereal bowl” on it a turn up the bowl, drinking the remaining broth.  For a filling, flavorful and really healthy dish, you can’t beat Pho Bac.


Nam Phuong Restaurant

When it comes to flavor, color, taste and presentation, almost nothing beats a family style spread of Vietnamese food like the one at Nam Phuong Restaurant. Included is the famous “Shaken beef” dish, as well as catfish in a clay pot, spring rolls and more.

Family Style Nam Phuong

If you have not had “Shaken Beef” before, stop what you are doing right now and head to Nam Phuong. It is really special and it may not even be the best thing here.

Vermicelli  with Grilled pork and shrimp and egg rolls (Bun Thit Nuuong Tom Cha Gio)

Vermicelli with Grilled pork and shrimp and egg rolls (Bun Thit Nuuong Tom Cha Gio)

A particular Vermicelli dish that includes grilled pork and shrimp holds a special place in my heart. Light, grilled, and fresh, what more can you ask for, and oh yea- spicy!


Best of Atlanta 2014

Tofu Village Korean BBQ

Charcoal and meat, two of my favorite things! That’s what Korean BBQ at the Tofu Village in Marietta provide to you. If you have never tried Korean BBQ, it is a delicious and fun occasion. With the grill located right at your table, you can cook the meat exactly as you desire. Tofu Village provides you a traditional experience that also includes several side dishes, referred to as banchan, that are shared. Korean BBQ is an experience that will definitely have you coming back for more.

Korean BBQ @ Tofu Village in Marietta