Cali N Tito’s

There has to be at least a million places to get a sandwich these days.  But let me tell you. There is only one Cali-n-Tito’s.  Sit on the patio and enjoy the rustic ambiance as it transports you to a far away place. Once you regain your senses you will be amazed at the delicious food here.  I am a huge fan of the Cuban sandwiches as well as the tacos.

Cali - n - Tito's

The Chicken Cuban. Possibly the best sandwich in existence.


Beef Empanadas







I have a tendency to order 3 different menu items and share. That is the plan anyway. When the food arrives I have found myself eating an entire sandwich, two empanadas and two tacos in one sitting. I implore you, take a weekend road trip to Athens Georgia and make Cali – n – Tito’s one of your stops. You will thank me!









El Rey del Taco

If you are anything like me, you have at least three or four Mexican restaurants that you frequently go to depending on where you are that day and what you are in the mood for.  It may be a margarita that you are craving or it may be guacamole that you are after.  Well let me tell you, if it is taco night for you and your family, there are no better tacos anywhere in Atlanta than the ones at El Rey del Taco.



These babies are the real deal, steak, onions and cilantro. Add a little bit of their heavenly spicy avocado sauce and you have the perfect hand held food. I will also attest to the torta’s that they prepare. They make one of the best Chicken Milanese torta’s I have ever had. Crispy chicken, fresh tomatoes and creamy avocado and warm soft bread, you will wonder why you haven’t been eating tortas your whole life..

El Rey del taco

Milanese Sandwich