Gumbeaux’s Cajun Cafe

Now that fat Tuesday is behind us, you may wonder when the next chance you may get to enjoy some Cajun food.  If you are like me, I eat Cajun seafood at least once a week. With the level of spice and the variety of choices, Cajun food is certainly one of my all time favorite types of eating. If you have not made the trip to Douglasville in while( or ever),  make it a point to go downtown and stop by Gumbeaux’s Cajun Cafe.


Gumbeaux’s Douglasville


Fun and flavor really get going on Tuesday night for shrimp night, and Thursday is also a party in your mouth during oyster night. The menu is a little long, but some classics are always waiting to please you, like the Pontchartrain or the Appaloosa . To be honest, I will order as many as three orders of various appetizers before I get my entree’.   The french quarter shrimp are divine, and the po-boys are also outstanding.

Crawfish Po'boy

Crawfish Shack Seafood

Growing up in Atlanta, it has always been tough to find a Po’boy worthy of some of the ones I’ve had in New Orleans and other gulf areas. Introducing the Crawfish Po’boy from The Crawfish Shack. This particular sandwich will transport you to the French Quarter without having to go there. Plenty of crawfish and delicious roumalade  make this one a classic for me.

Crawfish Po'boy

Fried Crawfish Po’Boy

Another one of my personal all time favorites is the softshell crab plate. Why did I not know about softshell crab for so long? That’s another conversation, but I am making up for lost time now.

Softshell Crab!

Softshell Crab

With great seafood and a great price, Crawfish Shack is one of my goto spots.

Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under Pub and Fishhouse

The best restaurants, in my opinion, manage to provide great food and a great experience without trying to hard to over do things. The rustic ambiance of Six Feet Under, along side a dozen oysters and a cool Sweetwater 420 – 16 ouncer, makes this a perfect place for food and friends.

Six Feet Under

A dozen Gulf Oysters

My personal favorite place to be here is on the appetizer menu.  after several rounds of the “rat toes”- a bacon wrapped, shrimp stuffed jalapeno, and a few dozen oysters, I am usually in pretty good spirits!



AJ’s Famous Seafood and PoBoy’s

If you are ready to enjoy magnificent Po-boy’s and delicious Cajun seafood, make the trip to Roswell Road in Marietta and you will not be disappointed. The sandwiches are divine and the platters will make you glad you are alive!

AJ's sampler