Fred’s Meat and Bread

I have found in life that sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most rewarding. Albeit simple things can be difficult to master and appreciate, take for example a slow dance, but when done correctly, they can be the best. That brings me to the humble cheesesteak. With just three ingredients, one could speculate that there may not be enough subtle flavor nuances to make this sandwich a great dish. Well they would be wrong.


Indulge yourself.

The ratio on this particular sandwich is perfect. Soft, yet firm enough bread to hold it all together while adding texture. Gooey enough cheese to let you feel the indulgence. Then there is plenty of meat. This will give new meaning (and dimensions) to the “beltline”. You may want to bring a pair of walking shoes and schedule an hour on the beltline walking trail immediately afterwards.


The Goods


All said, this sandwich is a keeper. Make sure to visit so that you can be the judge.  In the meantime, visit to see all of their selections.


The cheesesteak at Fred’s Meat and Bread





Sokongdong Tofu House

As a newcomer to Korean food, I am always open to trying a variety of new choices, to make sure I am not missing out on anything. This practice led me to discover the seafood pancake at So Kong Dong and I am forever thankful.  It is one of those dishes that I didn’t even know existed, so I couldn’t even crave it.  Now, however, I am always craving this dish even when I am not even hungry!

With a variety including bibimbap, short ribs, and bulgogi, Sokongdong Tofu House may need to be the first place you go to try Korean cuisine. All of these selections, including the seafood pancake, where absolutely delicious.