Pitty Pats Porch

PittyPat’s Porch

There comes a time when you need to be comforted. Life can be full of trials and tribulations and when you need a safe harbor to pull into, aka, somewhere good to eat, and you want really good home-style southern cuisine, look no further than Pittypat’s Porch.

Pitty Pats Porch

The buffet will certainly not leave you hungry.

Located just east of Atlanta’s iconic Centennial Park, Pittypat’s Porch has been serving up this home-style brunch since well before I was born. An Atlanta landmark in it’s own right, the historical element that the restaurant has will educate you about the history of Atlanta, and make you want to go back.


Pitty Pats Porch

Some of the best fried chicken in Atlanta.

Another advantage of Pittypat’s Porch is the proximity to downtown and the ability to actually sit on the porch while you eat. It is a wonderful vantage point to dine on great southern fare, straddling of the old world charm and the new southern city, right from the front porch. There are plenty of rocking chairs so be ready for a relaxing and filling visit to Atlanta.


Sokongdong Tofu House

As a newcomer to Korean food, I am always open to trying a variety of new choices, to make sure I am not missing out on anything. This practice led me to discover the seafood pancake at So Kong Dong and I am forever thankful.  It is one of those dishes that I didn’t even know existed, so I couldn’t even crave it.  Now, however, I am always craving this dish even when I am not even hungry!

With a variety including bibimbap, short ribs, and bulgogi, Sokongdong Tofu House may need to be the first place you go to try Korean cuisine. All of these selections, including the seafood pancake, where absolutely delicious.