Cali N Tito’s

There has to be at least a million places to get a sandwich these days.  But let me tell you. There is only one Cali-n-Tito’s.  Sit on the patio and enjoy the rustic ambiance as it transports you to a far away place. Once you regain your senses you will be amazed at the delicious food here.  I am a huge fan of the Cuban sandwiches as well as the tacos.

Cali - n - Tito's

The Chicken Cuban. Possibly the best sandwich in existence.


Beef Empanadas







I have a tendency to order 3 different menu items and share. That is the plan anyway. When the food arrives I have found myself eating an entire sandwich, two empanadas and two tacos in one sitting. I implore you, take a weekend road trip to Athens Georgia and make Cali – n – Tito’s one of your stops. You will thank me!