Pho Bac

It seems like these days everyone is talking about Pho. Well let’s talk about some Pho then. I was introduced to Pho when a dear Vietnamese friend took me to what they declared to be undoubtedly the best place in town for pho- Pho Bac.  I went along not knowing what I would really discover or even whether or not I would really like it.  Often times described in a way that sounded like both a hang over cure and a medicinal remedy for anything and everything. Naturally I took a grain of salt with me and we went inside to dine on the mythical dish.

Pho Bac



What I found was a complex broth with noodles and meat. Not a bad start. With a handful of the Vietnamese herbs that is included, the flavors really are delicious. I am a big fan of the broth, and may go a little light on the noodles (requested when they take my order), and a heavy hand on the herbs, for my custom crafted bowl.

Pho Bac

Beef Pho

You can even, and are supposed to, add a little hoisin and sriracha, for heat, sweet and spice.  By this time, the beef and the broth, and noodles are all warm and deliciously complex. I have even been known to go “cereal bowl” on it a turn up the bowl, drinking the remaining broth.  For a filling, flavorful and really healthy dish, you can’t beat Pho Bac.



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