Atlanta Greek Festival

If an outdoor festival along with incredible history, and great food sound like something you may be interested in, I highly recommend the Atlanta Greek Festival. Happening in the fall at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral on Clairmont Road in September, this festival has become one of my favorite to attend. The family friendly atmosphere, traditional music, merchants selling their wares, and the smell of lamb smoking in the background, you can’t beat this for a beautiful afternoon.


Greek Fest

Lamb on the Spit

Seeing the whole lamb rotating on the spit really gets my imagination going. I often wonder why I don’t have one of these set up in my backyard. The best part is, you can then buy lamb by the ounce. I am talking delicious!



Pulled Lamb

And do you want to know what is awesome? if you don’t have time to actually attend the festival, they have a drive through so you can still enjoy the food. How amazing is that.



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