Pho Bac

Pho Bac

It seems like these days everyone is talking about Pho. Well let’s talk about some Pho then. I was introduced to Pho when a dear Vietnamese friend took me to what they declared to be undoubtedly the best place in town for pho- Pho Bac.  I went along not knowing what I would really discover or even whether or not I would really like it.  Often times described in a way that sounded like both a hang over cure and a medicinal remedy for anything and everything. Naturally I took a grain of salt with me and we went inside to dine on the mythical dish.

Pho Bac



What I found was a complex broth with noodles and meat. Not a bad start. With a handful of the Vietnamese herbs that is included, the flavors really are delicious. I am a big fan of the broth, and may go a little light on the noodles (requested when they take my order), and a heavy hand on the herbs, for my custom crafted bowl.

Pho Bac

Beef Pho

You can even, and are supposed to, add a little hoisin and sriracha, for heat, sweet and spice.  By this time, the beef and the broth, and noodles are all warm and deliciously complex. I have even been known to go “cereal bowl” on it a turn up the bowl, drinking the remaining broth.  For a filling, flavorful and really healthy dish, you can’t beat Pho Bac.



Gumbeaux’s Cajun Cafe

Now that fat Tuesday is behind us, you may wonder when the next chance you may get to enjoy some Cajun food.  If you are like me, I eat Cajun seafood at least once a week. With the level of spice and the variety of choices, Cajun food is certainly one of my all time favorite types of eating. If you have not made the trip to Douglasville in while( or ever),  make it a point to go downtown and stop by Gumbeaux’s Cajun Cafe.


Gumbeaux’s Douglasville


Fun and flavor really get going on Tuesday night for shrimp night, and Thursday is also a party in your mouth during oyster night. The menu is a little long, but some classics are always waiting to please you, like the Pontchartrain or the Appaloosa . To be honest, I will order as many as three orders of various appetizers before I get my entree’.   The french quarter shrimp are divine, and the po-boys are also outstanding.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack

Now I will admit that I may have never met a burger that I didn’t like.  However, meeting a burger that I love happens a lot more infrequently.  Until, of course, there was Shack Shack.  This does not mean that I am breaking up with my other burger joints around town, just that I may just have a new favorite in town.  There is just something about sitting on the roof top, looking down at the rest of Buckhead, and sinking your teeth into one of these babies.


Shake Shack

Hamburgers from Shake Shack

Similar to how the hamburger itself looks down at most of my favorite foods. There is just something simple and carnivorously satisfying to having a really good burger. It really makes you feel like you are on the top of the food chain and things could not get any better.


Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano

Italian food bursting with flavor, atmosphere brimming with conversation, this is what you will find at Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano. The family style seating will allow you to meet your neighbors, while you enjoy a glass of wine. I would recommend sharing the plate of pasta alongside the Sorrento Chicken.



Authentic preparation with great, simple ingredients, will have you planning your next trip before you  even leave.


Sorrento Lemon Chicken

Make sure, however, to save room for some Gelato at the end of your meal, you will not be disappointed.


Community Q

Community Q BBQ

Finding good barbecue is like a sport sometimes. You have to get out there and do a little work to find it. Well, look no further than Community Q in Decatur and score a barbecue touchdown!



Whether you want brisket (sliced) or pork (ribs and pulled), Community Q will satisfy. The sides are also delicious. I personally go for the macaroni and cheese as well as the greens.  They also have a rub for sale, which I must say, is really good and has found its way onto a lot of the dishes I have made recently. If you do much barbecuing at home and are looking for rubs to try, this “butt rub” is exceptional.

Community Q

Pork Ribs


Crawfish Po'boy

Crawfish Shack Seafood

Growing up in Atlanta, it has always been tough to find a Po’boy worthy of some of the ones I’ve had in New Orleans and other gulf areas. Introducing the Crawfish Po’boy from The Crawfish Shack. This particular sandwich will transport you to the French Quarter without having to go there. Plenty of crawfish and delicious roumalade  make this one a classic for me.

Crawfish Po'boy

Fried Crawfish Po’Boy

Another one of my personal all time favorites is the softshell crab plate. Why did I not know about softshell crab for so long? That’s another conversation, but I am making up for lost time now.

Softshell Crab!

Softshell Crab

With great seafood and a great price, Crawfish Shack is one of my goto spots.

Nam Phuong Restaurant

When it comes to flavor, color, taste and presentation, almost nothing beats a family style spread of Vietnamese food like the one at Nam Phuong Restaurant. Included is the famous “Shaken beef” dish, as well as catfish in a clay pot, spring rolls and more.

Family Style Nam Phuong

If you have not had “Shaken Beef” before, stop what you are doing right now and head to Nam Phuong. It is really special and it may not even be the best thing here.

Vermicelli  with Grilled pork and shrimp and egg rolls (Bun Thit Nuuong Tom Cha Gio)

Vermicelli with Grilled pork and shrimp and egg rolls (Bun Thit Nuuong Tom Cha Gio)

A particular Vermicelli dish that includes grilled pork and shrimp holds a special place in my heart. Light, grilled, and fresh, what more can you ask for, and oh yea- spicy!


Best of Atlanta 2014



You have to do yourself a favor every once in a while. When you are ready, treat yourself to a delicious rib-eye steak at Bones.  This steak may change your life and you may cease looking at steaks the same again. The folks down at Bones are ready to blow your taste-buds away. Just saying it- “22 oz., bone in, dry aged, rib-eye steak”  brings a smile you your face. Indulge.

Ribeye Steak @ Bone's

Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under Pub and Fishhouse

The best restaurants, in my opinion, manage to provide great food and a great experience without trying to hard to over do things. The rustic ambiance of Six Feet Under, along side a dozen oysters and a cool Sweetwater 420 – 16 ouncer, makes this a perfect place for food and friends.

Six Feet Under

A dozen Gulf Oysters

My personal favorite place to be here is on the appetizer menu.  after several rounds of the “rat toes”- a bacon wrapped, shrimp stuffed jalapeno, and a few dozen oysters, I am usually in pretty good spirits!


Petite Auberge

When it comes to the classics, you have to make time to try one of the oldest and best french restaurants in Atlanta- Petite Auberge. Located in the Toco Hills shopping center, Petite Auberge will satisfy you when you are craving these all time classic dishes. Well prepared food and a friendly staff will certainly make your experience a good one.



Rack of Lamb


Beef Wellington